Houston is a great city, we have a strong economic base with the Oil and Gas industry, the Medical Center and the Houston Port, all generating hundreds of millions of dollars a year and providing jobs. We have a vibrant multi-cultural community with a long and rich history. From the Wards, to some of our newer communities as you see in Southeast Houston. From Clear Lake and Space Center Houston, to the energy corridor in far West Houston. This City has everything any great city would have, only in Houston we do it better. Houston has always been a city with a can-do spirit.

Sadly, our City Government does not always reflect our community. I have spent many hours at City Hall meeting with city leaders, testifying on a broad range of issues from our fight against the feeding ordinance that denies churches and charitable organization from the free sharing of food to those less fortunate. To our fight against some of the most recent Bond proposals because we felt the financial obligation put the City’s economic future at risk and finally, our fight against the City’s misguided Red Light Camera program. I have always spoke up for the people against a city government whose wheels turn behind the scenes and a City leadership that seems not to care what the people want or need.

There seems to be a disconnect between what the City needs and what our leaders want. I’m running to change that attitude at City Hall, I believe in the phrase, that is immortalized on the walls of City Hall, that “the People are the City” and that our government should always look to the people first for advice and consent on what is best for our hometown. Once elected, I will fight for absolute and total transparency at City Hall. I will propose that the city adopt new rules for the introduction of legislation, that it not be limited to only the Mayor asking for something to come to a vote but that if enough City Council members support a measure, that it be allowed to be held for public vote. This puts more power into the communities themselves and holds not only the Mayor more accountable, but the individual council members themselves are more accountable to the taxpayers.

In the coming months I will be visiting all of the communities in our great city, town halls, super neighborhood councils, churches and civic clubs. I ask that you join me when I am in your part of Houston and tell me what you want to have happen at City Hall, what matters to you, your families and your neighborhood.

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