For too long City Hall has operated in a cloud of confusion and mystery, Simply put, our city leaders are not telling the voters the truth about the budget, untested rape kits, infrastructure and the pension plans. Once elected, I will tear down the walls and demand full accountability on these issues. When the people lose trust in their government, it cannot be restored with secrecy. I have spent the last 4 years demanding that City Hall tell the truth. As your next City Councilman At Large #3, I will continue to do just that.

Regional Crime Lab

We have a great need in the area for an up-to-date Regional Crime Lab, the City can no longer test rape kits, drunk driving blood tests, or even fingerprints because we have lost accreditation. Harris County also needs a crime lab, as do countless other local municipalities and counties. It makes good sense to join with other area governments and build ONE lab for the area. If the City insists on building its own lab, it will waste millions of tax dollars in a time when we have little to spend. Crime doesn’t know boundaries and neither do criminals. A joint Regional Crime Lab is just common sense for all parties and there should be no delay. As a City Councilman, I will use my experience in our justice system and my relationship with area leaders from the City, County and the State to help facilitate the best answers for all involved.

Fiscal Responsibility

We must spend our bond dollars wisely and how the voters intended them to be used. Too often, City Government has robbed Peter to pay Paul and the bill and important needs are not met. We desperately need to improve our roads and bridges, many of which are overdue for repair and construction. Metro has for too long been obsessed with light rail, while ignoring our roads and the need to expand bus routes in our ever-changing City. This last November, voters approved new Metro bonds to do just that. As a member of City Council, I will be diligent in making sure that Metro spends the money as it has been instructed. The City must pledge to do the same with the recently passed “Rain Tax.” When Prop 1 was passed, we were told it would dedicate funds for the purpose of flood control and street repair, instead we have seen those dollars spent on bike trails and new cars for city officials. That is wrong and it must stop.